Sample Pharmacy Technician Resume and Objective

Your resume paints a picture of your skills, qualifications, knowledge and abilities. It’s a way to portray your abilities and dexterity in the most positive light. Your resume is the first impression you make when applying for a job as a Pharmacy Technician. It can be the deciding factor in whether you get an interview, and often it takes less than a minute for the interviewer to scan. So you need to make sure your resume says exactly why they should hire you. An up to date, relevant resume can get you the interview and the job you want.

A good resume should be divided into the following categories:

  • Objective of the Resume
  • Your Profile and Experience
  • Your Qualifications and Certifications
  • Special skills and relevant additional training

Objectives of your Resume

This is usually a single line so it needs to be well written. It must tell the interviewer the position you’re applying for and with which company or branch of the company.

Your Profile and Experience

This is the section where you highlight your work experience. Provide your relevant employment history, or details of your internship if this is your first application for a job. The information should be listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent work experience at the top.

Be concise and use the following format:

Place of employment (Name of company)

City where the job was situated

Your Job Title at that Company

Date of Employment

State the month and year  you were employed and the month and year you left that position.

Duties and Responsibilities

Give a brief description of what you were responsible for in this position.

Your Qualifications and Certifications

This is where you list your qualifications. Give a brief outline of your qualifications, where you studied, and what year the qualification was received.

Special Skills and Qualifications

If you have done any work or have experience that makes you a more suitable candidate for the position you are applying for then this is the place to showcase it. It could be customer relations or multiple language skills, or some other skill which is not usually required for your application. Let them know why you are more suitable for the job than anyone else.

Examples of Good Pharmacy Technician Resume Objectives

Below are a few examples of statements that you might want to use as resume objectives. Take a look through them and find the best fit for your skills set and situation. Then adjust them accordingly.

  • I am seeking to be part of the Example Hospital professional team as a Pharmacy Technician, to utilize my strong understanding of IV infusion, aspect technique and computer entry for the service of the hospital and its patients.
  • I am seeking a position as Pharmacy Technician in a fast-paced retail environment where my solid knowledge and experience of retail pharmacy operations can provide great assistance to the pharmacists who are serving the public.
  • I aim to secure a role at the pharmacy at Example Hospital (or Clinic) that will allow me to work with the licensed pharmacists in a capacity that utilizes my attention to detail, ability to manage pharmaceutical inventory and my skills working with people – including both patients and team members alike.
  • I aim to fulfill a role at Example Pharmacy where my practiced skills, abilities and experience in performing various clerical, technical and detail orientated tasks can be utilized for the distribution of medication and supplies to the public.
  • I am a highly talented Pharmacy Technician who is seeking to leverage my vast experience providing assistance to Pharmacists in the preparation and distribution of medication, and the maintenance of drug inventory and records, in a busy healthcare facility.
  • Require a position as Pharmacy Technician in a retail setting, where my extensive competence, knowledge and experience with IV mixture, Pyxis Report and aseptic technique will be utilized in efficiently providing support to the Pharmacist.
  • Seeking the position of Pharmacy Technician with a team of auditors, where my experience and knowledge of the Pharmacy industry can be utilized in your company’s audit division.
  • I desire a Pharmacy Technician position which will make use of my five years clinical experience working with XYZ drug brand and XYZ trade names and routing drug regiments, to support and assist the Pharmacists in providing efficient, courteous and cost-effective pharmacotherapy services.

Resume Objectives for those with no previous experience (newly qualified Pharmacy Technicians)

If you are freshly qualified and certified you probably don’t have much experience to add to your resume. There are still plenty of positive objectives that you can cite on your resume. Take a look at the examples below:

  • Seeking to gain employment as a Pharmacy Technician in a fast paced hospital medical center where I hope to apply the knowledge and skills gained through my Pharmacy Technician Training Program and internship, to effectively provide support and assistance the Pharmacist with all aspects of pharmacy operations.
  • I hope to gain the position of Pharmacy Technician in your hospital in order to utilize the knowledge and skills gained through my training and certification while positively growing my experience and adding to my knowledge base by working alongside your team of highly qualified Pharmacists.
  • I am seeking a challenging position in a large medical center where I can utilize my exceptional attention to detail and precision in providing relevant services in order to provide support to the Pharmacists in providing quality health care to the patients.
  • I aim to gain employment at ABC pharmacy where I can make use of my understanding of prescriptions and medical terminology to assist the Pharmacist with daily operations in the pharmacy.

The important thing is to play on your strengths and showcase how you plan to use them to the benefit of the company where you are applying. It’s important to tailor your resume to each application, rather than creating a generic resume that you send out to all job applications.