Pharmacy Technician Training in Texas

Pharmacy Technician training in the state of Texas helps a candidate become eligible for securing a state approved license so that they can practice as a legal and registered Pharmacist Technician. According to the Texas State Board of Pharmacy, the definition of a Pharmacy Technician in Texas is someone who is registered with the Board as a Pharmacy Technician and who provides technical services in a pharmacy that doesn’t require professional judgement regarding medications. A Pharmacy Technician in Texas must work under the direct supervision of the Pharmacist on duty.

To be able to perform the duties of a Pharmacy Technician or those of a Pharmacy Technician trainee, candidates must be actively registered with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP).

To get registered as a Pharmacy Technician in Texas a candidate must fully complete and submit the online Pharmacy Technician application through the State of Texas Licensing System. You can register as a trainee only once. Thereafter, you must qualify and register as a Pharmacy Technician. Registrations must be renewed every six months.

Mandatory Pharmacy Technician Training Requirements in Texas

Not just anyone can walk in and be registered as a Pharmacy Technician Trainee. You first have to meet certain requirements, which we will explain here:

  • There are no age requirements.
  • You must have a High School Diploma or GED, or be able to prove that you are busy obtaining one.
  • You must undergo a criminal background check and be free of any criminal record.
  • The Texas Board of Pharmacy does not require training to register as a pharmacy technician trainee – as it is acceptable in Texas to be trained by the Pharmacist, however you must pass your Pharmacy Technician examination to be registered as a full-fledged Pharmacy Technician.
  • For the best chances of employment in Texas it is best to undertake a formal training course.
  • Any formal training program you select must be accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP).
  • ASHP accredited programs must meet the requirements to give you the knowledge required to pass the national examinations.
  • CE, Continuing Education, is required by all Pharmacy Technicians. A minimum of 20 hours over a two year period is required. You must keep records of your CE and keep your PTCB certification current.
  • Disclosure of a Social Security Number (SSN) is mandatory under the Texas Family Code.

Training Coursework for Pharmacy Technicians in Texas

The Pharmacy Technician training courses available in Texas are fairly similar to courses from the other states. The primary differences between states are the legalities surrounding employment and registration. The students will have to follow the steps laid out below in order to obtain their Certificate as a Registered Pharmacy Technician. As you cannot register as a trainee more than once in Texas, and you may not work as a Pharmacy Technician without an active registration, all trainees have to pass their examinations if they wish to continue working as Pharmacy Technicians in Texas.

Required Modules to gain your Texas Pharmacy Technician Certificate:

You will learn the basics of the federal and state laws which govern pharmacy practice. You will learn the legal and ethical constraints which govern the responsibilities of a Pharmacy Technician in Texas in various scenarios.

This study guide will help you review the topics you will cover and must know for your National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam.

Prerequisites: PHRA 1102, PHRA 1301, PHRA 1309 and PHRA 1404

Corequisites: PHRA 1306 and PHRA 1345

Hands on practical training in the workplace. This training is dictated by an individualized learning plan compiled by the Pharmacist in charge, the college and the student.

A concise overview of the qualifications, job duties and operational guidelines of a Pharmacy Technician. Modules include definitions of a pharmacy environment, legal and ethical guidelines, Pharmacy Technicians in profile, job skills and duties, written and verbal communications, professional resources and safety techniques.

The fundamentals of the technology and computer information systems within the healthcare system. Special skills for pharmaceutical documentation using relevant pharmacy software packages as approved by the state of Texas. Overview of equipment and devices for the distribution, preparation and manufacturing of medications and drugs. Operation of robotic and mechanical drug delivery systems are also covered.

This course has a prerequisite Accuplacer score of 41 or a THEA score of 180 or an equivalent score on a Texas state approved test.

Pharmaceutical maths includes being able to read, interpret and solve calculations encountered when preparing and distributing drugs. Converting measurements within the apothecary, avoirdupois and metric systems with emphasis on the metric system of weight and volume. Subjects include percentage, ratio and proportion, dilution and concentration, milliequivalent, intravenous flow rates and solving dosage problems.

Prerequisites: PHRA 1301 and PHRA 1309

Understanding of sterile products, legal regulations and guidelines, proper hand washing techniques, references, safety techniques, pharmaceutical calculations, aspectic techniques in pharmaceutical compounding, correct usage of equipment, safe preparation for sterile products and safe handling of antineoplastic drugs.

Corequisite: HITT 1305

The study of disease processes and the therapeutic effects and properties of the drugs used in their treatment.

A brief course on business language, written and spoken language used when dealing with patients and clients.

Prerequisite: RDNG 0331-minimum grade of C or a score on a state-approved test indicating college-level reading skills

Study and understanding of medical terms through word origin and structure for greater clarity. Introducing symbols and abbreviations commonly used in pharmacy practice. Introduction to surgical procedure and specialized medical treatment.

Prerequisite: RDNG 0331-minimum grade of C or a score on a state-approved test indicating college-level reading skills; SCIT 1307 recommended

Study of the biology and functions of the human body. This includes cells, tissues, and organs. Emphasis is made on the interconnectedness of the systems and regulation of physiological functions involved in maintaining homeostasis. This includes a practical, hands-on portion.

Length and Cost of the Pharmacy Technician Training Program

It is the responsibility of the student to assess whether they can contribute the time and cost involved to complete the course. The Course itself consists of thirty hours of lessons in the form of Semester hours. This time does not include tests, assignments and revision.

The Course also requires a give number of hours of hands on practical training under the guidance of a professional Pharmacist. Costs vary from school to school. It usually takes between six and eighteen months to complete the course and take the examination.

State Approved Pharmacy Training Schools in Texas

The state of Texas has a number of approved institutions of learning through whom a candidate may complete their training and register to write their Pharmacy Technician Examination.


Texas School of Business

12030 East, Frwy

Houston (East), TX 77029 ;

Pharmacy Technician (Diploma)


Remington College

3110 Hayes Road, Suite 380

Houston, TX 77082 ;

Pharmacy Technician (Diploma)


Remington College

11310 Greens Crossing, Ste 300

North Houston, TX 77067 ;

Pharmacy Technician (Diploma)


MedVance Institute

6220 Westpark, Ste 180

Houston, TX 77057 ;

Pharmacy Technology (Diploma)


Texas School of Business

3208 FM 528

Friendswood, TX 77546 ;

Pharmacy Technician (Diploma)


Remington College

3110 Hayes Rd #380

Houston (West Chase), TX 77082 ;

Pharmacy Technician (Diploma)


Sanford-Brown College

9999 Richmond Ave.

Houston, TX 77042 ;

Pharmacy Technology (Certificate)

Online Schools

Ashworth College

Pharmacy Technician (Certified) – NEW! (Certificate)


National American University Online

Pharmacy Technician A.A.S. (Associate)


Penn Foster Career School

Pharmacy Technician (Diploma)


Orlando Academy School of Health Professions – Online

Pharmacy Technician (Diploma)


Blackstone Career Institute

Various Programs (Diploma)


U.S. Career Institute

Various Healthcare Programs (Certificate)


Brookline College Online

Diploma – Pharmacy Technician-Ground (Diploma)