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Question 1
Which agency regulates the majority of pharmacy technician activities and practices, within a professional pharmacy setting?
Question 2
If you give a patient a Tadalafil 10mg tablet, which has a half- life of 17.5 hours, how long will it be before the blood concentration of the dosage reaches 25% of its original strength?
Question 3
Which administration route will give you the highest blood concentration level in the least amount of time?
Question 4
For which of the following ailments would a patient be prescribed an Albuterol Inhaler?
Question 5

You work at a retail pharmacy, a customer has questions about a vaccine they are considering, who may counsel them?
Question 6

Vicodin® which contains 10mg of Hydrocodone and 660mg of APAP is prescribed for a patient who is suffering from severe pain. The script reads:
Vicodin® HP

How many Grams of Hydrocodone will the order contain?
Question 7

You work at a retail pharmacy where you’re busy filling prescriptions. A patient presents a script for Lopressor® 100mg QD X30D DAW. Your pharmacy is currently out of Lopressor®. Which of the following may the pharmacist substitute in its place to fill the script:
Question 8

You are making a suspension which requires 3 grams of active ingredient to make 1 pint. How much active ingredients would be needed to make 1 gallon of the suspension?
Question 9

One of the following drugs is exempt from the locking cap requirements found in the PPPA, which one is it?
Question 10

One of the following routes of administration is not parenteral. Which is it?
Question 11

You have a new customer at your retail pharmacy, who has bought in a script for
Percocet® 2.5mg 1-2 tab Q4°. You need to print a packaging label for the drug. Which of the following information is NOT required?
Question 12

With the name Accupril®(Quinapril), this drug is likely a:
Question 13

A script is faxed over from Dr. Bruwer which contains the sig: 1ml Neomycin Sulphate 0.5% 1-2gtt OU QID. Which of the following conditions is this patient most likely being treated for?
Question 14

When a community pharmacy orders stock from a new wholesaler for the first time, which drugs would they order using a DEA form 222?
Question 15

The pharmacist at an independent compounding pharmacy needs to concoct a batch of "LMAO". The formula calls for:
Drug L -                0.1kilo
Drug M -              5600mg
Drug A -               0.5lb
Drug O -               100grams

Once the batch is prepared, you will be asked to press 600mg tabs with it. How many whole tablets will you be able to make?
Question 16

At the end of their shift, a pharmacist and pharmacy technician go to a café for a cup of coffee. They start gossiping about how many narcotics and anti-depressant prescriptions they’ve filled and even mentioned some of the names of customers who received them. They are overheard by several cafe patrons, including one of their customer's neighbours. Besides the pharmacy's code of ethics, which Federal Act did they violate?
Question 17

In the NDC Number: 00615-6508-39, what is represented by the last two digits?
Question 18
Dr I Bruwer has been practicing ophthalmology in Mukilteo, WA since 1984. If the first part of his DEA number is AB745142_

What will the last digit be?
Question 19
Certain types of anti-biotics inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, but they do not kill the bacteria. Which of these are they?
Question 20
One of the following drugs contains Oxycodone + APAP. Which one is it?
Question 21
Who in a hospital will decide what will be included in the pharmacy's formulary?
Question 22
Which route of administration would be recommended for Nitrostat®?
Question 23
You turned on the laminar flow hood at 8:41 am. When is the Earliest time you may use it safely?
Question 24
A patient is picking up a prescription of Metronidazole, what recommendation would be given to them?
Question 25
What quantity would be required for a 30 day supply of the following prescription:
Phenytoin suspension
125mg bid at 0800, 1200
and 250mg hs.
Question 26
How many ml of water should be added to 1200mL of a 65% solution to make it a 45% solution?
Question 27
If you are given the following order, how many tablets should be dispensed: Cephalexin 250 mg tabs; sig 0.5g qid X 10 days?
Question 28
A patient needs 175mL of a 2% solution. Your stock solution is 10%. How much stock solution and diluent will you need to concoct the correct volume of the right solution?
Question 29
An IV drip is ordered to run at 4 gtt/min. It contains 875mg of a drug in a 250mlL solution. If the infusion set is calibrated to deliver 12 gtt/ml, how many mg will the patient receive per hour?
Question 30
Fioricet® / Fiorinal® contains which DEA controlled substance schedule?
Question 31
Which two are examples of antiviral medications?
Question 32
You receive an order calling for 1000ml of dextrose solution which is to be administered over eight hours. What is the correct infusion rate per hour in order to fill this order accurately?
Question 33
In order to produce a 1000ml solution of 3.5% amino acid in 15% dextrose, which of the following formulas should be used?
Question 34
Which of the following is found in DEA Sch. II ?
Question 35
One of the following is not a valid DEA number. Which one is it?
Question 36
Given the following order to fill:

Prednisone 5mg sig:
ii tabs qid x 2 days;
ii tabs tid x 2 days;
ii tabs bid x 2 days;
i tab tid for 2 days;
i tab bid x 2days
then stop.
How many tablets should be dispensed?
Question 37
While rotating stock, you find a drug container with the expiration date of 08/2012. When did this bottle actually expire?
Question 38
There is a publication used to find approved (generic) Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence. What is it known as?
Question 39
When filling the following order:
Rx: Amoxicillin Suspension 250mg/5ml; Sig; 250mg tid for 7 days.
What directions should you type on the label?
Question 40
One of the following belongs to the tricyclic class (TCA's) of anti-depressants. Which is it?
Question 41
A 44lbs child has a severe case of poison ivy. She is suffering from uncontrollable itching on her legs. The paediatrician orders: Benadryl® po 5mg/kg/q6h. Benadryl is available as a 12.5mg/5ml solution. What dose should she be administered every 6 hours?
Question 42
You are given a script for Temazepam 7.5mg #30. What is the maximum number of refills the doctor could request on this prescription?
Question 43
Which of the following two drugs would cause a dangerous Drug interaction if they were taken together:
Question 44
If a script calls for 1-3 tabs q3-4h. What instruction would you type on the prescription packaging label?

Question 45
If a patient is prescribed Topiramate, what condition are they being treated for?
Question 46
It is common for codeine use to produce which of the following side effects?

Question 47
There is a child on the paediatric unit for whom the doctor has ordered a stat dose of amoxicillin suspension 0.5g. His dose thereafter is set at 250mg tid for 5 days. If each 5m contains 250mg, what is the quantity for the stat dose?
Question 48
500ml of a 15% solution is diluted to 1.5L.
What will be the resulting strength?
Question 49
Two of the following are examples of calcium channel blockers. Which are they?
Question 50
A script comes in for an antibiotic which has the directions: 2 gtt AU q.i.d.
What auxiliary label should you affix to the medication's container?

Have you completed your Pharmacy Technician training but not yet taken the exam? Would you like to check your level of knowledge and understanding before taking the PTCB Examination? If yes, then you should consider undergoing a few practice tests. Pharmacy Technician Exam practice tests are an effective tool to gauge your knowledge and boost your self-confidence before sitting the final exam. The tests will prepare you for the structure of the exam and the kinds of questions you can expect to be faced with in the PTCB exam. There are a number of websites you can register with which provide online sample tests. These sites record your scores and allow you to repeat the sample exam until you are happy with your results.

Practice makes perfect. It also allows you to see where you are going wrong and to go back and improve on yourself until you succeed. The practice exams will strengthen your knowledge and solidify the information in your memory. Not only will you be able to manage the end exam more effectively, but you will also be a better and more knowledgeable Pharmacy Technician when you start working. The practice exam will give you an idea of how to best manage your time during the exam, to ensure that you answer all of the questions concisely in the time provided.

 Practice Test Pattern

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE) is a digital (computer based) test which is conducted at Pearson VUE test centers nationwide. Candidates do not require any formal computer training to take the test, but basic computer literacy is a pre-requisite for both the course and the exam. The sample tests are available on

Pharmacy Technician students are encouraged to take these tests to prepare for the end exam.

 Practice Test Questions Categories

Pharmacy Technician Students should prepare themselves by studying the relevant textbooks and revising the work they have completed for the course. You should also refer to your study guide to make sure you are on track. The following key areas are usually broached during examinations:

•    Pharmacy Law and Regulations
    Medication Safety
•    Sterile and non-sterile compounding
    Medication Order Entry and Fill Process
    Pharmacy Quality Assurance
    Pharmacy Information Systems Usage and Application
    Pharmacy Inventory Management
    Pharmacy Billing and Reimbursement

How to Apply for Practice Tests

The Pharmacy Technician Candidates have to follow these simple steps:

    Conduct a search for reliable preparatory sites – ask your tutor to recommend one if you’re not sure
    Register on the preparatory website by filling in their registration form
    Save your Login details (username and password) in a safe place
•    Select the course you will be getting tested on
•    Complete the tests and take note of your scores
    Go over your incorrect answers and any that you were uncertain of and make notes
    Take the test again and again until you have all of the answers correct and are sure of the material

 Guidelines to Earn a Good Score in the Practice Tests

To discover your competency level, you will need to refer to the study guides provided by your learning institution. You can also go through the study guides provided on the preparatory (practice test) websites. Below are a few basic guidelines for achieving good scores:

•    Find a quiet place to practice the test, with your phone set to silent mode. You should be undistracted and give the test your full attention.
    Take care of possible distractions before you start. Make sure your computer is fully charged or connected.
    Read through the test instructions carefully to ensure you understand what is expected of you.
•    Set your timer before you start – to help you to keep track of how long you are taking.
    After taking the practice tests, review all of your answers. Then go through your study material to find the correct answers for any questions you got wrong. Write them down.
    Prepare for the next practice test using the understanding you gained from the previous one.

 Advantages of taking a Practice Test

    They are a fantastic resource to assess your learning.
    They give you immediate feedback and point out your weaknesses.
    You become acquainted with the style and pattern of the questions.
•    Practice tests help you to develop essential examination time management, which can make or break you in the end exam. You want to ensure you don’t take too long or rush through too quickly.
    Practice tests build your confidence.