Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions
and Answers

Before you can get a job in the field of Pharmacy as a Pharmacy Technician, every aspiring technician needs to go through an interview process. A panel of expert Pharmacists and seasoned Pharmacy Technicians put together a list of interview questions. These questions help the interviewers assess the candidate’s knowledge and skills against the requirements of the job profile.

They will also be assessing your willingness to work in the field, and gaining essential information on your personality to evaluate whether you are a good fit for the proposed team that would be taking you on.

It’s important to prepare for your Pharmacy Technician Interview carefully. If you are worried about facing an interview panel for your formal job interview, then you can use the tips and sample questions laid out below to help you prepare.

You have your qualification now, but this is still one of the hardest parts of your new career (or any career). The interview is ultimately the deciding factor on whether you land the job you have worked so hard to qualify for.

Understanding the Pharmacy Technician Interview Themes

When you go for your Pharmacy Technician interview, the interview panel will be looking at a number of different traits or themes. They need to get a thorough understanding of every aspect of your personality that will affect your work.

The questions you can expect to be asked will follow these basic categories, or something like them:

  • Questions based on your code of ethics
  • Questions based on your personality and team spirit
  • Questions based on your knowledge and understanding of skills required
  • Questions to assess your experience in the field
  • Questions to assess your general knowledge about the field – including current trends and breakthroughs.

Understanding what the panel is trying to discover about your personality will help you to confidently provide the information they need, and to motivate your case for selection.

Common Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions:

Below are a list of common questions that are asked in Pharmacy Technician interviews. Underneath each question we give you an idea of what kind of information the company is trying to discover about you. Preparing for these questions with relevant, honest and positive answers will help you to make the most of your interview.

  1. Why did you choose to become a Pharmacy Technician / Why did you choose a career as a Pharmacy Technician?

The interviewers are looking at your motivation for becoming a Pharmacy Technician. They want to know that the field really does appeal to you.  Answer by explaining your reasoning and motivation for entering the field  keeping the focus on the professional aspects – not the perks of the job!

  1. Why do you want to work at our company / hospital / clinic / pharmacy?

Research the company before the interview and find out what their ethos is, their values and their mission statement. Make sure you align your answer with these company values, while keeping your answer honest and thereby plausible.

  1. What is your greatest weakness?

This is a common interview question across all job types. You have two options here. You can either mention a weakness that you are taking (or have taken) proactive action to improve on, and show how that action has helped; or you can spin a weakness you have into a positive. For example,  you could say how you can be a little obsessive but that it means you triple check all medications you dispense and therefore you seldom have slip ups.

  1. Why are you interested in this kind of Pharmacy Technician job?

Research the aspects of the job at this particular company, note what makes it different from other Pharmacy Technician settings. Elaborate on the positives and why they suit your personality and expertise specifically.

  1. Why did you leave your last job?

This is a delicate question. You should never use it as an opportunity to say anything negative about your last place of work – as you may be perceived as being a difficult person to work with. The employer needs to know that they can trust you to work through any issues with them, and not to bad mouth them in future.

  1. Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

Most companies don’t want to invest resources into an employee who is likely to leave in the near future. They want to see that you are committed to growing with them in the long term. Talk about anticipating how you and the company will be up to date with current developments in the field and how you hope to have earned more responsibilities professionally with the company.

  1. What do you consider the most important qualities of a Pharmacy Technician?

You should consider the process and skills required to do the work effectively. Mention qualities such as attention to detail, attentiveness, dedication to customer service, being ethical and able to maintain client privacy. You should illustrate that you understand that even the slightest slip up from any medical professional can prove fatal and therefore it is important to be highly observant and meticulous.

  1. You may be asked how you feel about performing certain tasks and duties

Consider what the job entails and practice discussing how you will deal with any difficult or less glamorous aspects of the job. Talk about the procedures so that your interviewers can see that you are prepared for the work and will be competent in executing it.

  1. How do you manage deadlines?

The panel wants to assess how you manage your time.They want to ensure that you will not let any details slip or cut corners , but also that you can effectively manage your time. Explain how you thrive working to a deadline because it gives a time frame to work in that helps you to prioritize and streamline your work.

  1. How do you deal with difficult customers / patients?

The panel is assessing your communication skills, your ability to manage conflict in a professional manner and your dedication to the company’s reputation. Explain how you would tactfully ensure that the customer has their needs satisfied while apologizing for any issues that may have been caused.

 Useful Interview Tips

Aside from prepping for the questions above, you should also take a look at the tips below to help prepare for your interview:

  • Practice the questions until you are confident in your answer for each one.
  • Get a friend to ask you variations on the questions above so you can be prepared to adjust your answers accordingly.
  • Be enthusiastic and pleasant while answering questions. You don’t want to scare them off.
  • Be confident. Don’t allow your nerves to overcome your knowledge when answering questions.
  • Look the part – be well groomed and well-dressed. This will help the interview panel picture you as a medical professional.
  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before and eat a healthy breakfast the day of your interview. Make sure you drink enough water and take a bathroom break before you arrive.

Do research online and make sure you have covered as many scenarios as possible.