Pharmacy Technician Courses

Pharmacy Technician courses make a student capable of providing essential pharmaceutical and administrative services to the public and the pharmacist on duty at hospitals, clinics and medical laboratories. A Pharmacy Technician Course involves classroom, clinical and on-the-job training that include all topics related to  pharmacy protocol. After completing the course the student has to undertake an examination, the successful achievement of which will finally indicate the completion of the course.

 Eligibility for Enrolling into a Pharmacy Technician Course

    The Student must be at least 18 years of age
    The student must possess a high school diploma or GED
•    The student must undergo a criminal background check
•    The student must be proficient in reading, writing and following written material
    The student must be mentally and physically fit and healthy
    The student should possess good customer-service skills
    The student should be detail oriented
    The student should have excellent listening skills and the ability to work as part of a team
    The student should have good maths skills
    The student should be a highly organized individual with the ability to task manage

Objectives of the Course

The main aims of the coursework of the Pharmacy Technician course are:

    To familiarize the candidate with Pharmacy and medical terms
    To familiarize the candidate with basic pharmacy operations
    To teach the candidate about the correct administration of medication
    Teach the candidate mathematical techniques and methodologies used in pharmacies
    Familiarize the candidate with  the drug approval process
    Learning the basic guidelines for working in a hospital setting
    Teach the laws governing pharmacy and pharmacology practices
•    Teach good customer care
    To familiarize the candidate with pharmacy technician codes of conduct

 Materials Required for a Pharmacy Technician

It is important that the potential candidate is prepared with the required materials before the commencement of the Pharmacy Technician Course as it will help him/her to study and understand the topics in a better way.

•    Textbook & Supplement: The candidates are required to purchase the textbook, as well as the supplements before the Pharmacy Technician Course begins.
•    Workbooks: The aspiring candidates should also buy a workbook along with the textbook of the course.
•    Internet Connection: The students must have access to a proper internet connection, in order to access the course companion website of the college or vocational school of their choice. The candidate is provided with access to the course companion website from the beginning of their course.

 Duration of the Course

The duration of the Pharmacy Technician Course is affected by the choice of either the certificate or the Associates degree program. The duration of the two main choices is:

•    Pharmacy Technician Certificate : 10 – 12 months
•    Pharmacy Technician Associate degree program: 24 months, including 200 hours of internship.

 Course Fees

The approximate fee for all levels of Pharmacy Technician Courses ranges between states and schools. Because the funding for community colleges is different in each state you could pay between $460 – $4,200 for the same program.

Vocational and Technical schools also run between $600 – $11,650 for their pharmacy technician programs. So it’s well worth your while to investigate your options carefully in your area. Just make sure that the institution you choose is accredited in your state.

If a student needs financial assistance in pursuing the Pharmacy Technician Course they wish to complete, there are several organizations and private bodies in most states who are willing to provide grants and scholarships to complete the training.

The best method is to contact the institute of learning for information on who to approach and how to go about applying for either a bursary or a scholarship. Whether you are starting your training or you want to advance your training to the next level, there are many options available for promising students.

 Online Pharmacy Technician Courses

If a potential student wishes to pursue an online Pharmacy Technician Course, he or she will find that there are numerous courses available online. All online courses will give the student access to the theory and learned study material for the course, as well as the facility to ask questions from tutors at the faculty. However, they will need to be willing to put in hours of work on their own and be self-motivated enough to work independently.

There are also practical aspects to the course which will have to be followed up at a medical facility. This is usually at one which has partnered with the educational institution you are working with, for the purposes of providing  a hands-on learning experience.

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